Logistics & Storage

In addition to an excellent production process, Alpaca Expo Group has a lot of logistics and supply chain know-how. Exhibitions are always time-critical and have to be set up and dismantled at fixed times. Our logistics experts plan the logistics for each project individually and in detail, because each organizer and each exhibition site has different specifications and rules that must be adhered to. We leave nothing to chance.

Logistics Excellence

The detailed planning of the project begins long before the trade fair takes place. The exact route and means of transport to be used must be planned. Also the time planning of the delivery, the construction as well as the dismantling has to be planned and implemented. Our logistics team works worldwide with a close network of logistics companies that offer best-in-class service. We make sure that you can sleep peacefully and look forward to the start of the fair with a feeling of security. If additional wishes need to be met on site, we offer flexible last-minute delivery service.

On-site Logistics

Not every trade fair is equally well organized and often challenges arise ad-hoc on site. When setting up and dismantling a trade fair, there is a large number of service providers on the trade fair grounds, which often leads to disruptions in the process of setting up. Our logistics experts and on-site teams have known the challenges for years and know how to organize themselves optimally in order to avoid delays in their own projects. At the same time, a high degree of flexibility, concentration and focus on the timeline is required. You can rely on us – we manage your trade fair project and know the sticking points.

Just a note to thank you for all your hard work. We were really impressed with the extra effort you put in to make the stand look as impressive as it did.

Dave Westmoreland
Tro The Experience Agency