Moscow is the biggest Russian exhibition point and commercial centre. At the same time, it is the biggest and the most crowded city in Russia.

If you have in mind to promote your products for Russian market – it is a good idea to take part in one of the exhibitions for your market activity.

But there is the country with their own culture and traditions, different from EU, so please find here some tips before you go to exhibit there:


Famous Red Square and Kremlin in Moscow


1. Accommodation.

It is better to stay in network chains hotels or check in advance that your hotel support English and have 24/7 reception. Not all of the accommodations propose such service. Some of the hotels have shuttles to the exhibition venues, but this service should be checked in advance.


2. Public transport and traffic.

The traffic in Moscow is very heavy and if you plan to be in time at the venue better choose metro or check in advance at the hotel reception what time you need to leave. Be aware, that Moscow Metro is complicated with navigation and busy in the rush hour, so better check your itinerary before or have an extra time for navigation.


Moscow City center


3. Build-up and venues.

The build-up time in Moscow venues is from 8.00 am till 8.00 pm, so if you plan to visit your booth before the show opens keep this in mind. Also, you will be obliged to get your badge before enter.

Keep noted that the number of build up days usually is less than in Europe, so double-check your stand requirements and assembling process.


4. Language.

We advise to ask for translator or English speaking hostess for all exhibition days, because you could meet the situation when you loose a lot of visitors of your exhibition stand because of the language barrier.


5. Airports and connections.

Moscow has 3 international airports. To get there is better to use Aeroexpress, which is connected to the Metro network, than to get there by taxi. You are able to stuck in a huge traffic jam and miss your flight. Also, have a time gap for the crowd at the security zone in the airport.


6. Nightlife, Restaurants and Shopping.

The nightlife in Moscow is various and active. You could find any kind of clubs and restaurants on your taste. There are a lot of restaurants and cafés open 24/7 and serving breakfast all day long. Shopping centers and shops could be found just nearby two Exhibitions venues and they closes at 10.00 pm.


7. Currency exchange.

The money exchange could be done in special kiosks, the rate is more or less the same everywhere, but some of kiosks could take fees for operation. Check this in advance. Money exchange mostly open till 8.00 pm, but in some places could be done 24/7.



If you have more questions, we will answer them with pleasure. Please call us or write here. We also could help you with different services starts from exhibition stand and ends of your accommodation in Moscow.


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